AEPL also provides various Mobile Lighting Towers and Power Generating Systems on hire basis or for long term, where in the complete responsibilities regarding maintenance of such system lies with AEPL and the customer has to provide only the consumable such as diesel and lubricating oil.

AEPL undertakes complete installation and commissioning of power generating system, Sound Attenuation Systems including Design, Engineering, System Integration, Testing, etc.

AEPL provides an alert after sale services & product support. In its 31 years of existence the after sale service has made an important contribution to AEPL's excellent reputation with its existing customers.

AEPL offers you a fully customized maintenance and service contract. This may range from preventive maintenance to the management of your entire lighting system. The personnel employed by AEPL maintenance service, consists exclusively of highly trained technicians with many years of experience. AEPL service personnel are fully equipped to carryout almost all activities quickly and cost effectively.

AEPL ensures that for all its installations the required spare parts are made available to its clients in the shortest possible time.

AEPL also trains your personnel in the operation and maintenance of your installations.