Mobile Lighting Towers

The modern day civil and engineering projects are time bound and require day and night shifts for their completion. For appropriate illumination / Flood lighting at remote sites, we offer a wide range of Mobile Lighting Towers with or without D.G. Sets in various heights & many lighting combination as per your illumination requirement at site.

Our Mobile Lighting Tower Model: AK-MLT-F-5 & AK-MLT-F-7 are most fuel efficient & can illuminate an area of 2-5 acres with single machine within 10 minutes of deployment & may continuously work throughout the night without any refill of fuel.

For project sites having mains electricity available, we offer our Mobile Lighting Tower model AK-MLT-G-7 (without DG set) which is easy to transport & deploy.

We also manufacture Made to Order mobile lighting towers with various lighting combinations and different heights up to a maximum of 18 metres having two/three/four wheel trolley with or without DG set designed as per specific customer requirements.

With more than 1000 installations all over India & abroad, we assure you of competitive price, easy delivery, smooth operation and a prompt after sales service support for all our products.