Made to order MLT

Lighting System Symmetrical beam non integral floodlight luminaries, 400 & 1000 Watts Metal Halide (MH) / High pressure sodium vapour (HPSV) Lamps
Lighting Mast
  • Heavy duty, hot dip galvanized lighting tower which can be extended up to maximum height of 9/11/13/15/18 metre from ground. The telescopic movement of pipes is performed mechanically with winches
  • Light tilt facility
Silent D.G. Set * As per customer requirements silent D.G. Set of any reputed make (CPCB - II compliant) may be supplied
Trailor Heavy duty Two/Three/Four wheel trailor complete with axle & quality high way suspension
MECHANICAL STAY JACKS Four/Six Nos Mechanical stay jacks (Screw Jack Type) for stable operation
  • Individual circuit breaker are installed for light/receptacle
  • Control panel provided for Monitoring voltage, current, frequency etc.

* : Made to order mobile lighting towers may also be supplied without D.G. Set where supply is available