Lighting System Symmetrical beam non integral floodlight luminaries, 7x400 Watts Metal Halide (MH) / High pressure sodium vapour (HPSV) Lamps
Lighting Mast
  • Heavy duty, hot dip galvanized lighting tower which can be extended up to maximum height of 11 metre from ground. The telescopic movement of pipes is performed mechanically with winches
  • Tower rotation 360 degree whilst the tower is operating
  • Light tilt facility
  • Heavy duty Two wheel trailor complete with axle & quality high way suspension
  • Trailor platform is made of MS chequered plate
Mechanical Stay Jacks Four Nos Mechanical stay jacks (Screw Jack Type) for stable operation. Both the tyres may be raised from ground with these screw jacks whenever required
  • Individual circuit breaker are installed for lights
  • Control panel provided for Monitoring voltage, current, frequency etc.